Mobile, Alabama


Our Port is often referred to as “Port Easy”, because of the turn-around speed for shippers. It has close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and two major interstates as well as 1,500 miles of inland shipping lanes that connect 16,000 miles of nationwide barge routes. Mobile is a four thousand acre natural deep water port with an average draft of 40 feet. It has 37 berths with approximately four million square feet of handling area that is served by six major rail carriers and 25 steamship agencies.
Our expertise lies in the handling of all types of cargoes such as: heavy lifts; steel; unitized, loose or roll wood pulp; liner or coated board; newsprint; lumber; plywood and other miscellaneous forest products, with combined annual volumes of well over a million net tons.
With over 120 pieces of onsite rolling stock and lift equipment, countless attachments and gear, a full array of shore cranes and reach stackers as well as a heavy lift floating crane with a lifting capacity of up to 400 net tons, an operations staff and work force that has an average experience of 20 years each; and, the backing of two of the strongest companies in the maritime industry, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to the needs of our customer. This is what has set us apart from the competition and gained us the reputation as the premier stevedoring and terminal operator in the gulf.